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Monday, February 14, 2005

Alcomohol is bad, mkay?

I'm going to start adding movie "reviews" to my blog.
First review is for....*drum roll*....

Finally got around to watching this movie a decade later. I ended up buying both Barton Fink and Leaving Las Vegas for 22$ at HMV. Good thing I did, it's a wonderful movie, albeit a bit depressing.

This is the 2nd time(2nd being The Shining) in recent memory that i've put off watching a movie for so long that when i finally get around to watching the movie, it really surprises me and surpasses my expectations.

Ben(Nicholas Cage) goes to Las Vegas with the goal to drink himself to death. He runs into a prostitute named Sera(Elizabeth Shue) and ends up having an awkward relationship with her. Most of the movie from that point shows the problems involved in such a relationship between a hooker and a full-time alcohol, and how they accept one another's habits knowing that the good times can't and probably won't last forever.

Props to Nicolas Cage for being such a convincing drunk.
Very touching movie. Recommended.


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