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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Don't steal from deadly monks

In the monk village of Nong Pradu, a former monk turned ganster steals the head of their buddha Ong-Bak. Ting(Tony Jaa) volunteers to retrieve the head of the buddha. He quickly finds out how corrupt the city is, and to retrieve the head he must fight his way up to the gang leader. The movie is filled with great scenes of Tony Jaa whoppin' ass in style. He uses Muay Thai, which uses a lot of elbows/knees and this makes for some very cool fight scenes not seen before. There are replays in the movie, but rest assured, it does not disrupt the flow of the fight scenes. It gives you a chance to see Jaa's agility which is insane! There are comic elements in the movie which give it a nice touch as well. The only thing that annoyed me was when the leader being in a wheelchair speaks through an electronic device that detects the vibrations in his throat. He also smokes through his throat. Woo..scary.

If you like action movies, you'll like Ong-Bak.


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