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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Tarragon...You failed me.

The Hello/Picaso program would not let me sign in to the blogger to upload pictures, talk about frustrating. Then my PC wouldn't detect my digicam...used my iBook to import the pictures and upload it to a geocities webpage that i use just for dumping pictures and files into.

Well, here is my first recipe post! *hears the crowd cheering*
I got the recipe from
epicurious which is a great place to browse for recipes and look through the reviews for problems that could arise and ways to improve the recipe. I chose the Leek, Potato, and Tarragon Soup because of its simplicity and yet there were so many great reviews for it. I've never tried Tarragon (maybe at a restaurant, but i wouldn't know) so i decided to give it a shot. The only thing that i didnt follow was the addition of yogurt and cream at the end, I don't know if it is an Asian thing because we only have broths, but i don't like adding whipping cream to soups...it just ruins that healthy taste that i love.

I tasted it before adding the tarragon at the end, and really..i wasn't able to taste much of a difference after the addition of what i hoped was a miracle herb to add some flavour to a good but plain soup. I was disappointed.

There was something missing in the texture of the soup too so i mushed the potatos which helped but in the end, i threw it all in the blender. The pureed soup was very much improved. It tasted like a really healthy Cream of [pick-a-vegetable] Soup, without adding any cream..it was great!

Next time, i'd add a bit more potato for a thicker puree.


Anonymous Denise said...

MMMM...looks like a good and tasty bowl of congee...hehe =P

Good job Ken!

11:58 PM


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