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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Out of Town!

I have some pictures from Golden Ocean Seafood restaurant again, dim sum AND dinner ones...but I don't have the camera to computer cord thingy, my sister took it and went out of town. I am going away this thursday to hong kong/malaysia for 10 days, so it will be unlikely that I will post anything. When i come back though, I'll show you guys all the food out there, Malaysia food is supposed to be fantastic!! I CANT WAIT!!! See you guys later!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Au Petit Cafe

I'm not dead!! I have been really busy studying for my finals the last week. I've been living at UBC! Got 1 more on monday and then I'm done! Now that I got a little break where I can actually sleep in, I'm going to update my blog for all you loyal fans out there. ;)

Au Petit Cafe on 4851 Main Street

Went to Au Petit Cafe about a week ago with James and Gerald. I've been here twice for lunch and it's always packed with a lot of people coming in for takeout too. The first time I came, they ran out of homemade ham and I got one of the last fresh french breads that comes with their vietname subs. We got here earlier this time and got a House Special sub and shared some spring rolls:

Spring Rolls

House Special Sub

I love vietnamese joints - the springs rolls are always so darn good! Haven't had bad ones yet...*knocks on wood*. These were good, they were pretty meaty which is always a good thing! I got a House Special Sub with jalapeno peppers - these were hot! I know I know! I already complained about Nando's being too hot and now this, maybe I'm not as much of a hot shot at eating spicy stuff as I thought. I ate half the sub with it, and it was good but the delicious taste of the sub was being replaced by burning so I took it out of the other half. *hangs his head in shame*. The sub was really good and the fresh french bread makes a huge difference...the homemade ham and meatball inside was tasty. Makes me want one right about now.

Spring rolls were $5.50 and the House Special sub was $4 (most expensive one too!).

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fortune Restaurant

Less than 2 hours after Vietnamese, me and Ann went for a big family dinner at the Fortune Restaurant at Oakridge Centre. My family comes here for dim sum but rarely for dinner. There's lots of Fortune Garden customer parking in the oakridge parking lot. The decor is similar to other chinese restaurants but with an added touch of class and elegance. Here's what we got for a table of 10 :

Slices of pork, little octopus, smoked salmon. bbq beef slices, jelly fish
Shrimp Ball on Crab Claw

"Fut Tiu Chern"
Assorted dried seafood...shark fin..black chicken..duck feet..and something about monks jumping over a wall

Abalone with abalone mushroom

Steamed Alaska King Crab

Roasted Quail

Sea Cucumber item with shrimp & broccoli

"So Mei" with "yau sum choi"
My best chinese description yet!

Red Bean Jellies

"lai wong so"

Everything was of such high quality here. The abalone was tender and had a wonderful subtle taste. The plate of alaska crab was enormous(compare it to the teapot) and the meat was incredibly tender. The soup was full of exquisite flavours from the black chicken, shark fin, duck feet and other goodies in there. There's some story behind the name of the soup that it is so good that monk would jump over the wall for it, I'm no monk, but I'd sure try getting over that damn wall for this delicacy. The shrimp ball was fresh out of the kitchen with a lovely crispiness outside and tender tasteful shrimp and crab inside. The roasted quail was just perfect. There was also fried rice and noodles (no pictures, they were in bowls and...i forgot) with the juices from the alaska crab which was fabulous. The "so mei" was ann's favorite as it was the perfect texture. Oh shoot, i forgot about the walnut dessert soup altogether - it was smooth, and not too sweet which was a good thing. The other 2 dessert's shown not bad either. This came to $700 for the table.

I can't say enough good things about this dinner. I -can- say that we shouldn't have eaten at Vietnamese just 2-3 hours before this feast, we became full really quickly especially after the black chicken soup which took up a lot of room in my stomache. We were dying by the end and even having half a bowl of noodles/rice, we
could not finish it. I just had some leftovers right now and it tastes darn good.

I took extra effort to find out all the proper ingredients in the dishes this time! Big thanks to my parents and Diane for helping me with the dish names and ingredients! Next step..must take pictures of interior and exterior...must not forget.

Vietnamese Cambie Restaurant

I drive by Vietnamese Cambie Restaurant all the time, and I've never thought about going there because of the name and look of the place. "Vietnamese" and it is written in plain white letters on a light green background. The incredible lack of originality in the name and logo made me expect a very average meal. I couldn't be more wrong. The food was great and here's some nice images for you:

House Combination
Beef Brochette, Chicken Brochette, Roll Dip, Steamed Crepes, Vermicelli, Salad

One of the Prawn/Shrimp lunch specials
Prawn Skewer, Shrimp on sugarcane, Roll Dip, Vermicelli, Salad

We were the only ones in there and we sat by the window.
I got the House Combination and my "special friend" Ann got one of the prawn/shrimp lunch specials. The food came pretty fast and it looked really good. The chicken and beef brochette were well-seasoned and enjoyable. The roll dip (aka spring roll) which was packed with meat was excellent. The steamed crepes were just okay. I love that classic vietnamese sauce, I don't know what it is called but it tastes good with everything. Ann said her meal was very good too. During our meal, a couple came in and asked why all the stores beside them are closed, the waiter replied that they are raising the rent and it's too expensive. I hope these guys stay in business because their food is very appetizing. I almost missed out on trying this great place if it weren't for the Entertainment book. It was about $11-12 for each plate, it's on the pricier end, but thats what the coupon was for, I'll try out some of the cheaper stuff another day.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant

I wasn't planning to eat out for lunch today, but I couldn't say no to Dim Sum when Martine suggested it. I had big plans this morning, I was going to get up, and exercise for an hour to work off all this excess flab I've been putting on lately. Stuff my face with food or exercise...hmm. I know, I'm weak.

We went to The Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Kerrisdale. On our drive going south on Arbutus close to 41st, Lucy and I noticed a lot of teens crossing(and jaywalking!) the street from Point Grey to purchase lunch. What a bunch of lucky kids, we said. White Spot, Mcdonalds, Subway, Sushi, Oasis(bubbletea), Red Onion, Starbucks and a lot of lesser known restaurant/cafes right across the street. You could go shopping at lunch if you wanted too. Lucky lucky bastards...

We parked in the back and used the elevator to get to the Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant on the 2nd floor which is situated ontop of a western styled chinese cafe. We were immediately directed to a table right in the middle of the room. The perfect spot to wave down all the Dim Sum carts! We had a problem communicating with the cart-drivers though - none of us could understand/speak cantonese fluently. We gestured for them to open all the bamboo trays to show us the treasures that lay inside. This is what we got:

Fried Taro

BBQ Pork Roll

Preserved Egg Congee

Choi & Shrimp Dumpling


Fried Shrimp Paste & Tofu

Shrimp Dumplings

Fried taro with Scallop

Pork Dumplings

Chicken Feet

Everything was pretty good here. All the dumplings were delicious, the shrimp/choi in particular was superb. I love pork dumplings and these ones were very satisfying. The fried taro with stuffing was the worst of the bunch because it was barely warm. Thank god I came with 3 other people that enjoy eating preserved egg, because I absolutely love those black/green chunks of goodness in my congee. The decor is identical to all the other large scale chinese places. Big thanks to Dan for reminding us(including me) to not eat and take a picture first! This is a great place for dim sum, I wonder why my parents never bring me here. The bill came to $42 + tip.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Nando's. Brings back bad memories.

The first and only time I've been there, I ordered extra spicy chicken and it was HOT. I don't consider myself a wussy when it comes to spicy foods, I have them regularly and enjoy it. My face was red, I was sweating, I couldn't taste anything but burning and I kept asking for more water. My friend was having a good laugh watching me try to finish my 2 piece meal. And when I didn't think it would get any worse...CRUNCH. I bit my fork and chipped my bottom tooth. It was a decent chunk and I couldn't find it in my half-chewed chicken. My friend was having a ball by then, and I decided to give up trying to finish it.

2 years later and some enamel filling from my dentist, we decided to go to Nando's in Kerrisdale with Diane, a friend visiting from Victoria. It's like a high-class fast food joint at Nando's. You order from the counter, find a seat, and they will bring you your order when it is ready. I have another bad picture for you guys...I started eating and forgot to take a picture!!(i know ange..i just scolded you for that!)

Half Chicken with Peri Chips

I think I did a good job of hiding the bitten parts of my chicken with fries, so good that you can't see much of the chicken. I had the half chicken with peri peri chips. I went with medium to be safe this time. I got to actually taste the chicken this time, and it was pleasantly flavourful and not too spicy. The chicken leg was tender and delicious, but the breast was quite dry. I could barely taste the peri peri spices on the fries, and they were a little stiff (i like mushy fries). It was $10 for half a chicken with a regular side of chips, peri-peri chips, spicy peri rice or a baked potato. We used a coupon from the wonderful Entertainment 2005 book for a second order for free. It was a good meal, and I'd definitely go for the double leg meal (which my friends were raving about) next time.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Main

Have you guys tried the google map tool yet? It's the coolest map tool ever! Try it out..and click on the directions ..it focuses on the turns on the map and stuff. Neato! I have such a horrible direction sense, I can't find my way around new areas. I can't keep track of which side is North/East/West/South...it's really pathetic but I blame it on the genes I got from my dad, he's like this too. Since I love this thing so much, I'm going to have a link to the location of the restaurant in each post. You're welcome!

The Main is on the corner of Main and 26th.
I pass this place a lot because I park on the side of the alley behind The Main when i'm around here, its free and no one seems to get ticketed/towed. My friends and I came at 9pm to get a nice spot by the little stage for the live music by The Camaromance, a pop rock duo from Montreal, which starts at 10. We had some Australian Chardonnay (i forgot the name..RockBand?..shame on me) which was okay, but it left a bad aftertaste. I'm not a pro wine drinker but I am planning to take a basic wine course during the summer sometime. We had some kalamari, homous and nachos.

Here are some of my worst pictures I've taken yet, I blame it the food. =]




The Camaromance

The homous was really good especially with the pita bread which was really hot out of the oven. The Kalamari was very bland but it did melt in your mouth when it was hot. Actually, everything here was really hot when it got to our table, which made everything more pleasant to eat. The Nacho's came with guacamole, salsa and sour cream dip, it was nothing special. The duo was not particularly good, they had a couple nice songs, and their jokes/stories were really bad. It wasn't rock-pop either, it was all pop. There was a xylophone that was played by the female which was pretty amusing in a negative way. I know I'm a little harsh, but one of my friends enjoyed them, and bought a copy of their cd for $15. To each his own.
The interior was nicer than expected (looks a little crummy from outside). I thought this was just a place to drink and have snacks, but they also have main courses like roast lamb, seafood pasta, roasted chicken for $10-15. We had a good time here. You can check out the upcoming live music here.

The Pendulum @ UBC

I changed the colors of the links on the side to make it stand out a bit, and I added a Hits Counter! Started it at 1000000 so it wouldn't look so deserted here. Don't think I fooled anyone though.

Last day of classes and I actually got up to go to my 8 am class! I'm proud of myself too. I had a break at 9-10am and decided to have some eggs bennies at the Pendulum. Here's the picture:

Eggs Benny with "hashbrowns"

Mmmm...something to look forward to at school! I love these eggs bennies, they may be a little small compared to other places, but at the pendulum, it's definitely quality over quantity. Everything that I've tried from pendulum has been really good, the quesadillas, pastas and omelettes. You can just tell, biting into these dishes that they use quality ingredients. The prices are cheap too, most items are $5-6 and the tax is already included, and tipping isn't mandatory (there is a tip jar by the cashier). The egg bennies with a side of hashbrowns were $5.50, total.

I mentioned this last post, but i'll say it again - the hashbrowns are consistently horrible. Don't let the artistic swirl of sour cream fool you, or the green onions sprinkled around them - they are bad. The first time, i thought they just had leftover fries from the day before. But everytime I've been there, they still taste like stale overburnt fries. They must have some sort of secret recipe to make them that bad each and everyday. What a waste of potatoes. *sniffles*

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

James Street Cafe

I've been eating out a lot, I'm putting on the pounds...i'm supposed to be in tip top shape by the end of the month so I can lie on the beach in Malaysia without covering my breasts. I can feel a lingering ache in my right foot too, it's my arch nemesis, Gout! I think its all that sashimi and seafood over the weekend. I'll just drink a lot of water..and hopefully..*gulp* exercise. Oh well..the show must go on!

Next up, James Street Cafe.

I've always loved eating breakfast...simple comfort food. Oily eggs, oily hash browns, oily sausages. Mmm. But I never got into eggs benedict, until i tried it at the Pendulum at UBC. I can't say what makes it better than any other place, because I can't remember the last time I ordered eggs benny from another place. But they sure taste pretty darn good, the "hashbrowns" side is horrendous though, they are just stale burnt thin fry wedges.

Angela, my only fan of this blog, suggested James Street Cafe (corner of Boundary and 29th) because they have good eggs bennies and their portions are large. To satisfy my #1 fan, I have taken her suggestion to give this place a try. Here's what we got:

Porky Pig
Eggs Benny with Bacon & Cheese

Wiley Coyote
Eggs Benny with Bacon & Mushrooms

Ok...its the same picture..just imagine mushrooms on top.

Crepe with Bananas and Blueberries

The portions were very large compared to what I normally get at the Pendulum, and I got REAL hashbrowns...not burnt..not stale...edible. Amazing. The Hollandaise sauce was too rich/thick and it didn't have that zing in it, but overall the Porky Pig was good. The breakfast expert straight from South Africa, Martine, had the Wiley Coyote which she said was good as well, but thought the hollandaise sauce was too rich and didn't have an authentic hollandaise sauce taste. Alex had the crepe with bananas and blueberries, and said it was very good. It looked -real- good, I want to give that a try next time. It was $7-8 for each of these dishes. The interior of the cafe is really nice too! Thanks Ange!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pho Tan

Pho tan is on main and 26th and is relatively new (1-2 years). This has been a regular for me and my friends because it is dirt cheap. There's actually quite a few good cheap places around here, right across from Pho Tan is Hawkers and down the next block on the 27th there is Honolulus.

For those that have not tried, Pho is a traditional Vietnamese bowl of rice noodles in a beef broth with various types of beef (tendons, flank, tripe, beef balls, rare beef, etc.). It comes with a plate of raw bean sprouts which you can mix into the noodles which provides a nice crunchy texture.

On mondays to fridays 11-5pm there is a special menu that gives 2 options. The first is an entree of pho, curry rice, seafood congee or rice crepes with 2 mini spring rolls, and a cold drink. The 2nd option is a rice plate with different types of meat (lemongrass chicken, pork chops, etc) with the soup of the day and a cold drink. Although it is not shown on the menu, there is also a tapioca dessert that is provided after the meal (not always, but most of the time). Either of these options are $5.50.

Here a picture of Pho with sliced rare beef and mini spring rolls (option #1).

Pho with sliced rare beef

MiniSpring rolls
Don't lie..you've never seen spring rolls before...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spicy House Szechuan Restaurant

I should try to take pictures of the restaurant from the outside, I could not remember what this restaurant was called and had to do some Google detective work to find out. The Spicy House Szechuan Restaurant is located across from richmond center in the minimall. We came here to celebrate a family friend's birthday. I thought szechuan cuisine was supposed to be hot, but I don't recall any dishes being remotely spicy. For about ~$500 tip and tax included, this is what we got for 9 people. Happy birthday and thanks for treating us Uncle!

Roasted Quail
I can't comment on the quail because i had bad gout food the night before so I decided to take it easy.

Alaska King Crab

Crab Curry Rice

Fried Crab

Some Sort of Chicken

Shark Fin Soup
I never had bad shark fin soup before, but this was horrible. I was excited to see so much shark fin, but after I took a bite of it, you could have told me it was rubber and I would have believed you. It was that bad.

It got slaughtered before I took a picture...

Mushrooms and Snow Peas
I thought this was abalone, but it wasn't...i think it was called Abalone Mushrooms.

I think these were noodles with some of the crab sauce, but they were really plain.

Fried Red Bean Paste Wrap

I should probably pay more attention to what we are eating so I can have more detailed names for the dishes..maybe next time. =]
Most of the food was decent, except the terrible shark fin soup. Tried to break it in to little pieces of shark fin similar to most places, but it was still really bad. Could definitely find some better alternatives than this, but i think it is considered cheap for delicacies like shark fin, crab, quail, etc. The Alaska King Crab was not as good as the ones from Sun Sei Wah, but it was still good. Take out the shark fin soup and you will have a decent but forgettable dinner.

Friday, April 01, 2005


I finally got to try out Tojo's...one of the best japanese restaurants in north america. We had the Omakase option, which comes in $50, $75, $100 or $100+ per person packages. This option is where Tojo makes dishes that aren't on the menu for you. I was a little disappointed before our dinner because I heard eating at the bar where Tojo works his magic was the best way to experience this option, but we had a group of 7 so we were put in a room in the corner. Ah well, the food was great! Here are the pictures of what you get for a 75$ option minus the bluefin tuna and sake.

some hot saki

Tuna sashimi appetizer

Smoked salmon and scallop sashimi salad

Big-eyed tuna


Asparagus and scallop sashimi handrolls

Assorted sushi

Bluefin tuna sashimi

Green tea ice cream

Me and Tojo himself!

Everything was really good, the scallop sashimi's were so tasty. The tuna sashimi just melts in your mouth. The sablefish was exceptional, tasted kinda like unagi. The dungeoness crab and tuna roll was delicious too. We also ordered 8 pieces of bluefin tuna sashimi for 68$ which they said they only have on the menu once or twice a year. It was really good, very creamy tasting, but it's probably not worth 8.50 a slice. Can't wait till the next time we go again(probably not in a long time)...absolutely delicious..better start cutting them coupons..

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