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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fortune Restaurant

Less than 2 hours after Vietnamese, me and Ann went for a big family dinner at the Fortune Restaurant at Oakridge Centre. My family comes here for dim sum but rarely for dinner. There's lots of Fortune Garden customer parking in the oakridge parking lot. The decor is similar to other chinese restaurants but with an added touch of class and elegance. Here's what we got for a table of 10 :

Slices of pork, little octopus, smoked salmon. bbq beef slices, jelly fish
Shrimp Ball on Crab Claw

"Fut Tiu Chern"
Assorted dried seafood...shark fin..black chicken..duck feet..and something about monks jumping over a wall

Abalone with abalone mushroom

Steamed Alaska King Crab

Roasted Quail

Sea Cucumber item with shrimp & broccoli

"So Mei" with "yau sum choi"
My best chinese description yet!

Red Bean Jellies

"lai wong so"

Everything was of such high quality here. The abalone was tender and had a wonderful subtle taste. The plate of alaska crab was enormous(compare it to the teapot) and the meat was incredibly tender. The soup was full of exquisite flavours from the black chicken, shark fin, duck feet and other goodies in there. There's some story behind the name of the soup that it is so good that monk would jump over the wall for it, I'm no monk, but I'd sure try getting over that damn wall for this delicacy. The shrimp ball was fresh out of the kitchen with a lovely crispiness outside and tender tasteful shrimp and crab inside. The roasted quail was just perfect. There was also fried rice and noodles (no pictures, they were in bowls and...i forgot) with the juices from the alaska crab which was fabulous. The "so mei" was ann's favorite as it was the perfect texture. Oh shoot, i forgot about the walnut dessert soup altogether - it was smooth, and not too sweet which was a good thing. The other 2 dessert's shown not bad either. This came to $700 for the table.

I can't say enough good things about this dinner. I -can- say that we shouldn't have eaten at Vietnamese just 2-3 hours before this feast, we became full really quickly especially after the black chicken soup which took up a lot of room in my stomache. We were dying by the end and even having half a bowl of noodles/rice, we
could not finish it. I just had some leftovers right now and it tastes darn good.

I took extra effort to find out all the proper ingredients in the dishes this time! Big thanks to my parents and Diane for helping me with the dish names and ingredients! Next step..must take pictures of interior and exterior...must not forget.


Anonymous ange said...

You lucky bastard, you seem to get all these bling yum food on a regular basis!!!


1:33 AM

Blogger SaabKen said...

Bling ? Maybe Ken can install Chinese banquet table rosewood-colored lazy susans on his car's wheels ..... aka "Chinese spinners"

8:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha.. chinese spinners.. lady.. you are a genious...


12:31 AM

Anonymous Ivan Ho said...

do you know why its called fortune restaurant? CUZ IT COSTS A FORTUNE TO EAT THERE HAHAHAHA.... ok i'm done ciao

4:59 PM


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