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Monday, April 11, 2005

Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant

I wasn't planning to eat out for lunch today, but I couldn't say no to Dim Sum when Martine suggested it. I had big plans this morning, I was going to get up, and exercise for an hour to work off all this excess flab I've been putting on lately. Stuff my face with food or exercise...hmm. I know, I'm weak.

We went to The Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Kerrisdale. On our drive going south on Arbutus close to 41st, Lucy and I noticed a lot of teens crossing(and jaywalking!) the street from Point Grey to purchase lunch. What a bunch of lucky kids, we said. White Spot, Mcdonalds, Subway, Sushi, Oasis(bubbletea), Red Onion, Starbucks and a lot of lesser known restaurant/cafes right across the street. You could go shopping at lunch if you wanted too. Lucky lucky bastards...

We parked in the back and used the elevator to get to the Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant on the 2nd floor which is situated ontop of a western styled chinese cafe. We were immediately directed to a table right in the middle of the room. The perfect spot to wave down all the Dim Sum carts! We had a problem communicating with the cart-drivers though - none of us could understand/speak cantonese fluently. We gestured for them to open all the bamboo trays to show us the treasures that lay inside. This is what we got:

Fried Taro

BBQ Pork Roll

Preserved Egg Congee

Choi & Shrimp Dumpling


Fried Shrimp Paste & Tofu

Shrimp Dumplings

Fried taro with Scallop

Pork Dumplings

Chicken Feet

Everything was pretty good here. All the dumplings were delicious, the shrimp/choi in particular was superb. I love pork dumplings and these ones were very satisfying. The fried taro with stuffing was the worst of the bunch because it was barely warm. Thank god I came with 3 other people that enjoy eating preserved egg, because I absolutely love those black/green chunks of goodness in my congee. The decor is identical to all the other large scale chinese places. Big thanks to Dan for reminding us(including me) to not eat and take a picture first! This is a great place for dim sum, I wonder why my parents never bring me here. The bill came to $42 + tip.


Blogger SaabKen said...

Arghh, I missed breakfast so I shouldn't be looking at these pics. Golden Ocean is definitely a consistent, good-value dim sum place.

You might also want to try Ming Yuen on Cambie btwn 24th and King Edward. Very good quality (Kirin-like) without Kirin prices. They have fried taro flavoured with curry and topped with scallops and tobiko ...... most excellent !!

9:49 AM

Anonymous ange said...

Hey Ken, does your site has an insult sensor or something? It filtered me out.

Oohohohoh Wilson's family loves Golden Ocean too and we go there all the time!!!! (well, I exaggerated, 4 times) The best dish they have is this deep fried shrimp ball wrapped around a sugar cane thing (YUMMAY!), too bad you guys didn't try it, but that's a lot of food for 4 people already :).

Yummmmmm, I want some dim sum too.

11:06 AM

Anonymous Sum said...

I have been to this restaurant twice~~ but both times I was with a few girls..didn't get to eat alot of stuffs~~ and this restaurant gets pretty busy all the time even in normal school days! if anyone wanna go there, better get there before 12! or else there will be long line up!

10:06 PM

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