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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

James Street Cafe

I've been eating out a lot, I'm putting on the pounds...i'm supposed to be in tip top shape by the end of the month so I can lie on the beach in Malaysia without covering my breasts. I can feel a lingering ache in my right foot too, it's my arch nemesis, Gout! I think its all that sashimi and seafood over the weekend. I'll just drink a lot of water..and hopefully..*gulp* exercise. Oh well..the show must go on!

Next up, James Street Cafe.

I've always loved eating breakfast...simple comfort food. Oily eggs, oily hash browns, oily sausages. Mmm. But I never got into eggs benedict, until i tried it at the Pendulum at UBC. I can't say what makes it better than any other place, because I can't remember the last time I ordered eggs benny from another place. But they sure taste pretty darn good, the "hashbrowns" side is horrendous though, they are just stale burnt thin fry wedges.

Angela, my only fan of this blog, suggested James Street Cafe (corner of Boundary and 29th) because they have good eggs bennies and their portions are large. To satisfy my #1 fan, I have taken her suggestion to give this place a try. Here's what we got:

Porky Pig
Eggs Benny with Bacon & Cheese

Wiley Coyote
Eggs Benny with Bacon & Mushrooms

Ok...its the same picture..just imagine mushrooms on top.

Crepe with Bananas and Blueberries

The portions were very large compared to what I normally get at the Pendulum, and I got REAL hashbrowns...not burnt..not stale...edible. Amazing. The Hollandaise sauce was too rich/thick and it didn't have that zing in it, but overall the Porky Pig was good. The breakfast expert straight from South Africa, Martine, had the Wiley Coyote which she said was good as well, but thought the hollandaise sauce was too rich and didn't have an authentic hollandaise sauce taste. Alex had the crepe with bananas and blueberries, and said it was very good. It looked -real- good, I want to give that a try next time. It was $7-8 for each of these dishes. The interior of the cafe is really nice too! Thanks Ange!


Anonymous elaine said...

ken!!! it's elaine (from high school). ... this is crazy: i got here from vaneats.com and when i read your review about tojo's and scrolled down that shot of you, i was like... WHOA, i know this dude! love your reviews... hope the cuilnary deal is working out for you, keep on writing :)

2:17 AM

Blogger Ken said...

WOW!! elaine!! i can't believe it either...! What have you been up to?..haven't seen you in 3 years. Drop me an email ken_ng83@hotmail.com, we can catch up. Good luck with everything ! =]


11:00 AM

Anonymous Shawn said...

You cheater!!!

Posted the same picture hehe

11:50 AM

Anonymous Martine said...

Ken you sexy thing... It's Martine your South African breakfast expert! I think we should go for dum sum next, what do you think?

2:52 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Shawn..stop trying to ruin my blog..you bastard..

Martine..sure thing my african queen! Just tell me when...im so hungry right now.

2:55 PM

Anonymous Martine said...

... dum sum? I meant dim sum of course!

3:00 PM

Anonymous ange said...

Wow, look at this!!! Your site is really picking up nicely eh? Dammit, I even have a smartass comment all ready to go that goes something like "is there really a point in writing my name, cuz really, who else is out there", but I guess the joke's on me now. Oh how you disappoint me Ken.

Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed James Street and the place actually lived up to its hype! I'm seeing some of the other foods for the first time actually, as many times as I've been there, I always (and by always, I mean that's the only thing I've ever ordered there for the past year and half) get the wiley coyote. And somehow I would convince my company to order the same thing too, so we'd have like 6 wiley coyotes on the table.

Another nice breakfast place I liked was Cafe Zen (Yew & 1st I think). Always a lineup on weekends though, but JSC still has an edge. Ohohohoh i remember the name of the other place now, it's "Crikity Jim's Chat'n'Chew" on Main and Broadway. Food is good, atmosphere is too eccentric for me. I like my breakfast joints happy and bright!

Anyway I digress, great post again Ken. And don't worry about the man-boobs, if you eat enough, your belly will make the proportion of the man-boobs smaller, so all is good! :)

I'm such a blabberer...

12:47 AM

Anonymous Ivan said...

ken you
whats up?
James sent me a link to your site so i decided to check it out. I'm jealous.
Hey can you review some places that "normal" people can afford? like Hawkers on Main? or uhh.. Memphis?
Have u tried that place?
Your Website is weird so i can't really see all the restaurants u reviewed

6:37 PM

Anonymous james said...

hey watsup? it's parcon. wow ken's the food man. i saw your link from some guy's forum when i googled for some vancouver restaurant reviews.
i see ivan (ho) got the word.
naw ivan... ken's site is the awesomest! million+ hits? crazy.. and hmm...
yea i'd like to hear your reviews for el cheapo stuff (not like mcdonalds) like what me and ivan go for at times... ivan, how can we tell if what we're eating is "normal"? lol.
but i'd like to hear more about authentic vancouver el cheapo stuff anyways. but keep up with reviewing. it seems like ur exploring a world of restaurants. sorta like... travelling. i'd like to see mroe variety too.

6:56 PM


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