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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Main

Have you guys tried the google map tool yet? It's the coolest map tool ever! Try it out..and click on the directions ..it focuses on the turns on the map and stuff. Neato! I have such a horrible direction sense, I can't find my way around new areas. I can't keep track of which side is North/East/West/South...it's really pathetic but I blame it on the genes I got from my dad, he's like this too. Since I love this thing so much, I'm going to have a link to the location of the restaurant in each post. You're welcome!

The Main is on the corner of Main and 26th.
I pass this place a lot because I park on the side of the alley behind The Main when i'm around here, its free and no one seems to get ticketed/towed. My friends and I came at 9pm to get a nice spot by the little stage for the live music by The Camaromance, a pop rock duo from Montreal, which starts at 10. We had some Australian Chardonnay (i forgot the name..RockBand?..shame on me) which was okay, but it left a bad aftertaste. I'm not a pro wine drinker but I am planning to take a basic wine course during the summer sometime. We had some kalamari, homous and nachos.

Here are some of my worst pictures I've taken yet, I blame it the food. =]




The Camaromance

The homous was really good especially with the pita bread which was really hot out of the oven. The Kalamari was very bland but it did melt in your mouth when it was hot. Actually, everything here was really hot when it got to our table, which made everything more pleasant to eat. The Nacho's came with guacamole, salsa and sour cream dip, it was nothing special. The duo was not particularly good, they had a couple nice songs, and their jokes/stories were really bad. It wasn't rock-pop either, it was all pop. There was a xylophone that was played by the female which was pretty amusing in a negative way. I know I'm a little harsh, but one of my friends enjoyed them, and bought a copy of their cd for $15. To each his own.
The interior was nicer than expected (looks a little crummy from outside). I thought this was just a place to drink and have snacks, but they also have main courses like roast lamb, seafood pasta, roasted chicken for $10-15. We had a good time here. You can check out the upcoming live music here.


Blogger SaabKen said...

We love The Main and try to go there at least once or twice a month. Faves include the Roast Lamb (but personally I like Kalamata Taverna's better), Four-Dip Pita, Black Bean Soup, Kalamari, the dinner-sized Greek Salad, and the Steamed Mussels. Sometimes they have specials like Grilled Salmon which is pretty good too. Wait staff is friendly but sometimes orders take a bit longer to arrive, but at least they're hot when they do arrive.

7:58 AM

Blogger Ken said...

Hey SaabKen!
Thanks for visiting. We didn't get to try the main courses, but they looked delicious. I didn't know it was an actual restaurant, I thought it was just a snacks/drinks place and we all ate before going. I'll definitely try the Roast Lamb..i love roast lamb. Next time!

10:37 AM

Blogger SaabKen said...

How do I add an avatar without creating a Blogger account ?

2:39 PM

Blogger Ken said...

I don't think you can. Not sure though, sorry =[

3:07 PM


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