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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Nando's. Brings back bad memories.

The first and only time I've been there, I ordered extra spicy chicken and it was HOT. I don't consider myself a wussy when it comes to spicy foods, I have them regularly and enjoy it. My face was red, I was sweating, I couldn't taste anything but burning and I kept asking for more water. My friend was having a good laugh watching me try to finish my 2 piece meal. And when I didn't think it would get any worse...CRUNCH. I bit my fork and chipped my bottom tooth. It was a decent chunk and I couldn't find it in my half-chewed chicken. My friend was having a ball by then, and I decided to give up trying to finish it.

2 years later and some enamel filling from my dentist, we decided to go to Nando's in Kerrisdale with Diane, a friend visiting from Victoria. It's like a high-class fast food joint at Nando's. You order from the counter, find a seat, and they will bring you your order when it is ready. I have another bad picture for you guys...I started eating and forgot to take a picture!!(i know ange..i just scolded you for that!)

Half Chicken with Peri Chips

I think I did a good job of hiding the bitten parts of my chicken with fries, so good that you can't see much of the chicken. I had the half chicken with peri peri chips. I went with medium to be safe this time. I got to actually taste the chicken this time, and it was pleasantly flavourful and not too spicy. The chicken leg was tender and delicious, but the breast was quite dry. I could barely taste the peri peri spices on the fries, and they were a little stiff (i like mushy fries). It was $10 for half a chicken with a regular side of chips, peri-peri chips, spicy peri rice or a baked potato. We used a coupon from the wonderful Entertainment 2005 book for a second order for free. It was a good meal, and I'd definitely go for the double leg meal (which my friends were raving about) next time.


Anonymous ange said...

LOL The pro makes a deadly mistake of eating before snapping, IN YOUR FACE GRANPA! But you did do a pretty good job hiding the chicken altogether I have to say, gotta give you credits for that.

What bad memories from Nando's! I'm sure you were more entertaining than it sounds. The only time I've been to Nando's was at a food fair, and it was not good. Though I've always wanted to give them a 2nd chance, by going to the one in Kerrisdale, maybe there'll be more love and bling in the food.

Nice post!

12:39 PM

Anonymous ange said...

actually ken, I lied earlier. Not to burst your bubbles or anything, you can CLEARLY see the big bite mark you took from the chicken. You could've at least done a better job by turning it around!! Sheesh!

You'll see in the mussels picture that I turned every shell upside down, so you can tell they're just shells.

12:47 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Calls me names...examines my pictures to embarass me.

I only forgot to take a picture(first time) AFTER you told me about being to busy stuffing your face with mussels and not taking a picture...you cursed me.

btw..i did try turning the chickent he other way, but there was even less meat. trying to be a smartass...

12:57 PM

Blogger SaabKen said...

Haha, the first and last time I was at Nando's about two years ago was also at Kerrisdale, where I too got "burned" by the spicy chicken (but no damage to teeth) that I haven't gone back since. Call me a wuss, but I sweated so much I think I refilled my wife's water glass :-O

2:32 PM

Blogger Ken said...

I know saabken...it was so insanely hot! You should of switched your plate with your wife ;)

3:40 PM

Anonymous Martine said...

I personally love Nando's, maybe because it has some South African heritage. The downside being that Nando's is a little pricey for what you get, but still I can't resist!

10:35 PM


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