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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Pendulum @ UBC

I changed the colors of the links on the side to make it stand out a bit, and I added a Hits Counter! Started it at 1000000 so it wouldn't look so deserted here. Don't think I fooled anyone though.

Last day of classes and I actually got up to go to my 8 am class! I'm proud of myself too. I had a break at 9-10am and decided to have some eggs bennies at the Pendulum. Here's the picture:

Eggs Benny with "hashbrowns"

Mmmm...something to look forward to at school! I love these eggs bennies, they may be a little small compared to other places, but at the pendulum, it's definitely quality over quantity. Everything that I've tried from pendulum has been really good, the quesadillas, pastas and omelettes. You can just tell, biting into these dishes that they use quality ingredients. The prices are cheap too, most items are $5-6 and the tax is already included, and tipping isn't mandatory (there is a tip jar by the cashier). The egg bennies with a side of hashbrowns were $5.50, total.

I mentioned this last post, but i'll say it again - the hashbrowns are consistently horrible. Don't let the artistic swirl of sour cream fool you, or the green onions sprinkled around them - they are bad. The first time, i thought they just had leftover fries from the day before. But everytime I've been there, they still taste like stale overburnt fries. They must have some sort of secret recipe to make them that bad each and everyday. What a waste of potatoes. *sniffles*


Anonymous ange said...

I knew it, I thought your site counter looked sketchy already. In fact, so sketchy I thought it was just a number for design and not a site counted. If you started at 10, it would've looked more convincing peesh.

The egg bennies looked quite promising, but I see what you mean about the hashbrowns that deserve to be put in quotations. You know what probably happened, is that they never change their oil. The oil is probably all rancid and tons of lipid oxidation is going on, so 10 years from now, a study will surface showing UBCers who ate at the Pendulum will have a higher chance of getting cancer because of all that free radicals they ate.

The end.

2:17 PM

Blogger Ken said...

...lipid oxidation?...free radicals? am i still in school?

2:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Ken
Can't believe you always go for Loner Egg's Benny...


6:52 PM

Blogger SaabKen said...

Sadly, a local site dedicated to the art of appreciating breakfast (and local purveyors of breakfasts) is now defunct:


It appears the armada's captain and crew have retreated from further colonial conquests of local eateries, thus perhaps depriving a small but dedicated audience their witty, and sometimes crass, journals of conquests. Nevertheless it gives you some ideas of where to get eggs bennies next (armada's favorite).

3:47 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Nice site, I'm going to give some of these places a try for sure..Thanks saabken. Btw...i ran your post of Golden Ocean restaurant Address when i was searching for it...post will be up by the end of the day hopefully...i'm at school studying =[

3:55 PM

Blogger SaabKen said...

Yup, Arthur of ArthurHungry was looking for it and that's what I found.

4:00 PM

Blogger SaabKen said...

Try Paul's Place and Omelettry on Granville at W.6th. Excellent eggs benny.

4:27 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Thanks a lot saabken..i just spent the last 30 min reading some of their reviews. Full of metaphors and similes and that other good stuff from english class, except they use words that my prof would probably fail me for using. They write really well - makes me look bad. Studying time..well wasted.

4:35 PM

Blogger SaabKen said...

I think what got me ROTFLOL in pain were the reviews for the White Spot, The Elbow Room, Hell's Kitchen, Tommy's and Bon's.

7:50 PM

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