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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pho Tan

Pho tan is on main and 26th and is relatively new (1-2 years). This has been a regular for me and my friends because it is dirt cheap. There's actually quite a few good cheap places around here, right across from Pho Tan is Hawkers and down the next block on the 27th there is Honolulus.

For those that have not tried, Pho is a traditional Vietnamese bowl of rice noodles in a beef broth with various types of beef (tendons, flank, tripe, beef balls, rare beef, etc.). It comes with a plate of raw bean sprouts which you can mix into the noodles which provides a nice crunchy texture.

On mondays to fridays 11-5pm there is a special menu that gives 2 options. The first is an entree of pho, curry rice, seafood congee or rice crepes with 2 mini spring rolls, and a cold drink. The 2nd option is a rice plate with different types of meat (lemongrass chicken, pork chops, etc) with the soup of the day and a cold drink. Although it is not shown on the menu, there is also a tapioca dessert that is provided after the meal (not always, but most of the time). Either of these options are $5.50.

Here a picture of Pho with sliced rare beef and mini spring rolls (option #1).

Pho with sliced rare beef

MiniSpring rolls
Don't lie..you've never seen spring rolls before...


Anonymous ange said...

It's your (one and only) blog fan again. Looks like a neat place, I think I'll go try it next time I'm craving for Pho. Say, does this place have crazy neon lights outside? That's what I use to tell whether it's authentic Vietnamese or some Philipino or Chinese making fake pho!

We usually go to this place on Fraser & 18th (don't remember name sorry), it has crazy neon lights and bling bling gigantic TVs inside! It's good also, portions are quite huge. In the summer they like to blast air-con so that's a nice touch! :)

I appreciate the picture of the spring rolls Ken, I don't know what a spring roll look like. Usually I chow them down too fast and I never get to take a proper look. So that's what they look like intact!

10:57 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Hello #1(out of 1) Fan
..no crazy neon lights...omg..i've been eating artificial nammer pho all this time...what have i done...

The owner and waiters aren't Vietnamese either..it's all coming together...why did you expose this horrible truth to me...i can never go there again.

11:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Pho Thanh Thao on Kingsway (1600 block?)... Near the famous foods... and with crazy neon lights!

9:46 AM


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