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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spicy House Szechuan Restaurant

I should try to take pictures of the restaurant from the outside, I could not remember what this restaurant was called and had to do some Google detective work to find out. The Spicy House Szechuan Restaurant is located across from richmond center in the minimall. We came here to celebrate a family friend's birthday. I thought szechuan cuisine was supposed to be hot, but I don't recall any dishes being remotely spicy. For about ~$500 tip and tax included, this is what we got for 9 people. Happy birthday and thanks for treating us Uncle!

Roasted Quail
I can't comment on the quail because i had bad gout food the night before so I decided to take it easy.

Alaska King Crab

Crab Curry Rice

Fried Crab

Some Sort of Chicken

Shark Fin Soup
I never had bad shark fin soup before, but this was horrible. I was excited to see so much shark fin, but after I took a bite of it, you could have told me it was rubber and I would have believed you. It was that bad.

It got slaughtered before I took a picture...

Mushrooms and Snow Peas
I thought this was abalone, but it wasn't...i think it was called Abalone Mushrooms.

I think these were noodles with some of the crab sauce, but they were really plain.

Fried Red Bean Paste Wrap

I should probably pay more attention to what we are eating so I can have more detailed names for the dishes..maybe next time. =]
Most of the food was decent, except the terrible shark fin soup. Tried to break it in to little pieces of shark fin similar to most places, but it was still really bad. Could definitely find some better alternatives than this, but i think it is considered cheap for delicacies like shark fin, crab, quail, etc. The Alaska King Crab was not as good as the ones from Sun Sei Wah, but it was still good. Take out the shark fin soup and you will have a decent but forgettable dinner.


Anonymous ange said...

Where's this place? I just cannot picture it across from Richmond Centre, you gotta tell me the name in Chinese now. Speaking of good restaurants across Richmond Centre, have you tried that Shanghai restaurant there? It's called Shanghai Wind, lil' place always packed with people, the last few times I wanted to go the line (well, crowd, cuz ppl never line up outside Chinese joints) was so big that I ended up going to another place. Don't you hate it when the quaint little jem you discovered before anyone else makes it big and you can't go back nomore? I do. Yes, I discovered it. You should go try it out Ken!

Ok, I gotta do my share of smart-ass comment: say, did your family think it was weird for you to keep taking pictures of your food or are they used to it by now?

3:10 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Hey ange, you're my only loyal commenter!
Haha..chinese people don't line up..that is so true. I remember my mom used to budge in lines when i was younger and i would be embarrassed by that. I have not tried Shanghai Wind, but i'll look for it the next time i am around there and hungry.

My sister and the younger ones think i am weird, but the adults don't seem to mind, they find it amusing what I do.

3:46 PM

Anonymous Shawn said...

Hey Kenny

It ain't weird at all to take pictures and simply admire the food that is created and to be consumed. Its just like a hobby you know. Some people like to plant floweres, yet some people like to plant flowers and then take pictures of them.

Nice review so far! Missing the wonderful chinese food from Vancouver =(

11:47 AM

Blogger Ken said...

Thanks shawn..another fan..woohooo ..TWO!

2:40 PM


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