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Friday, April 01, 2005


I finally got to try out Tojo's...one of the best japanese restaurants in north america. We had the Omakase option, which comes in $50, $75, $100 or $100+ per person packages. This option is where Tojo makes dishes that aren't on the menu for you. I was a little disappointed before our dinner because I heard eating at the bar where Tojo works his magic was the best way to experience this option, but we had a group of 7 so we were put in a room in the corner. Ah well, the food was great! Here are the pictures of what you get for a 75$ option minus the bluefin tuna and sake.

some hot saki

Tuna sashimi appetizer

Smoked salmon and scallop sashimi salad

Big-eyed tuna


Asparagus and scallop sashimi handrolls

Assorted sushi

Bluefin tuna sashimi

Green tea ice cream

Me and Tojo himself!

Everything was really good, the scallop sashimi's were so tasty. The tuna sashimi just melts in your mouth. The sablefish was exceptional, tasted kinda like unagi. The dungeoness crab and tuna roll was delicious too. We also ordered 8 pieces of bluefin tuna sashimi for 68$ which they said they only have on the menu once or twice a year. It was really good, very creamy tasting, but it's probably not worth 8.50 a slice. Can't wait till the next time we go again(probably not in a long time)...absolutely delicious..better start cutting them coupons..


Anonymous Ange said...

I was salivating just looking at the pictures!!!!

OoooooHohoho, you know, Tojo is on the side of a bus, I remember now!!!! It says something like "Chef Tojo shops at____" (forgot what he was advertising for). Plus, Tojo and I go to the same chiropractor: my chiropractor pointed out the bus to me and told me he was his client!

Yes, I know, I've got connections, don't be jealous now.

1:23 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Oh yeah?!? i got to put my arm around him and touch his shoulder!! You can't see ..but in the picture..he has his arm around my back too..SO THERE!

5:06 PM

Anonymous Ann said...

oh my goodness - $100+ meals......it's the kind of thing you only do with your parents =)

but the food looks AMAZING - worth every penny i bet!


3:29 PM

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